Just tell me how you feel…

Lest anTAPAyone should be deceived by the last piece into thinking that this Blog, such as it is, has become anything other than a series of irrelevant postings about whatever takes my fancy, I feel that I should tell you that as well as the new Nap Eyes record, I’ve just spunked away (only word, I’m afraid) most of this month’s EMusic budget on this piece of glorious Peruvian nonsense.

It’s another offering from what is definitely my favourite label around (no, really), Madrid’s fine Vampisoul pressing, home of recent PP picks Elia y Elizabeth, Vainica Doble and various tantalising  ye-ye and boogalu compilations. It’s enormous fun, containing as it does fabulous tracks by such household names as Los Saicos, Traffic Sound and Los Yorks. It also has this fabulous racket:



I don’t actually know anything about “El Troglodita”, except that miraculously there’s a whole album of his on EMusic.

Now if only I had some credits left…

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