Nobody faster than Kerry inside…

youth-lagoonPeriods of intense inactivity have been succeeded by similar periods of similarly intense activity and have meant that I’ve once again sorely neglected these already sub-catatonic pages. What to do, eh?

Put a record on, maybe…

Youth Lagoon

Can’t remember who, I’m afraid, but over the Christmas / New Year period with its hysterical parade of Best Of lists, someone was good enough to mention Youth Lagoon’s third record, Savage Hills Ballroom. What with all the other records I was recommended over the period, plus a host of confusion with the similarly named but diametrically opposed Sauna Youth, it’s taken me almost a month to get round to giving it decent listen.

Which is a real shame. What a terrific record it is…

I think I’ve probably fashioned a “ticking-all-the-wrong-boxes” conceit on these pages before, but Savage Hills Ballroom really does all that – whiny vocals; orchestral-style synths; all the trappings of tinny electronica; no guitars, for God’s sake (let along wah-wah or fuzztone). But a day’s driving around the mean(ish) streets of Cheltenham and Gloucester arm in arm with the powerful, anguished tunes of Trevor Powers has sorted this out, good and proper. All done with the power of song – haunting, affecting, clever song writing.

Here’s a Blogotheque (God bless ‘em) Take Away show, filmed in St Ouen, just outside Paris:


If you’re sensing in these lines a greater than usual sense of regret and frustration with my Blogging ineptitude, it’s firstly because I’ve only just realised that YL are playing at Thekla tomorrow night (too late) You can then add to this the news last week that Powers announced the end of Youth Lagoon – “I’ve reached the top of a mountain, only to then be able to see a much larger one I want to ascend.” – (too early, far too early…)

As a great man once said,


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