This song is o-ffensive

220px-thackrayonagainMy father died earlier this month.

I say this not to elicit sympathy or kind words – it was his time and most of the people who read this Blog are friends who have already passed on their condolences (gratefully received, by the way). A moving tribute was paid at Kingsholm, there was a piece in the local paper and the funeral was a good’un. At a local saloon afterwards I felt we sent him off in good style.

I’m mentioning it partly to apologise for a lengthy period between posts (although …) but also to say that although rugby was a long-shared passion between the two of us, when it came to music there was pretty much no cross-over.

My Dad mostly liked cheesy trad jazz stuff and various other disparate fifties things that I turned my nose up at pretty quickly from my teens onwards. There was this, though…

(Apologies for the over-eager punter at the front)


The line obscured by enthusiastic guffawing was:

“She could have gone on again on again on till the entire

Congregation passed out, and the vicar passed on, and the choir

Boys passed through puberty”