Been around for a long, long year

I was going to do a few lines about garage punk, but somehow this forced itself upon me…

(I should probably point out I’m more than aware of what a ridiculous figure Jagger strikes here, but c’mon it’s another Lockdown Sunday, what else have got to do? Drink the kool-aid…)

I’m disappointed to learn that the Stones themselves were regarded to be below par here, and upstaged by a number of other performers over the 24 hours. I care not. I love this performance, particularly.

Things I’m fascinated by in the video:

  • Charlie Watts. Characteristically rock steady, despite the nincompoopery around him. I love the repeated rimshot. Never overwhelmed by Kwazi Dzidzornu’s powerful congas, a rye dynamo behind the band. Possibly the greatest ever…
  • An impotent and humiliated Brian Jones, once leader of the band, long-since over taken by Jagger and Richards, reduced to a non-singing Davey Jones role on maracas. His final appearance on stage with the band; he was gone seven months later.
  • An enthusiastically be-caped audience, John & Yoko, Pete Townsend visible here amongst them, kicking back the rugs, gurning like idiots and having a bit of a time.
  • Nicky Hopkins’ piano work. Rarely in shot (and when he is, studious, vaguely uncomfortable and incongruously free of the air of debauchery the Stones liked to court – it’s little wonder he never got a full members pass). And yet, as funky and down as any Memphis player – it’s tribute to his playing, I think, that I barely missed the woo-woo choruses…
  • Jagger. A wondrous, uncomfortable mixture of foolishness, foppishness and, well, fornication. He manages to look ridiculous, dangerous and sensuous all at the same time. The whole Miltonian premise of the song somehow gets a whole new cartoonish life in that sinewy, clownishly tattooed body and those child-bearing lips (© Joan Rivers). His is also The Rock Voice.

Lie back, take it easy, surrender to these days.

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