It’s like it was there in the garage waiting for us…

A glance at my bank balance at the end of a month reveals an unexpected bonus from these dull, monochrome times. There’s such a lack of anything we’re still allowed to do (apart from work – and I keep telling myself I should be grateful for this as least). From what I can tell there seem to be different numbers in different columns, and my accountant tells me this is a Good Thing. Who am I to argue about such things?

I’m thinking of splashing out on this:

Writhing Squares

Fans of Beak or those gripping Here Lies Man records will love the work of Philadelphia duo Kevin Nickles and Daniel Provenzano, who list a number of other bands and credits, the only one of which I’d heard of was Provenzano playing with Purling Hiss. I have a record by The Hiss and although it’s … kind of OK, it doesn’t really hint at the exhilaratingly rough spaciness of this, their third album.


The samples sound great to me – mesmerising, five-dimensional synths that cough and fizz from one ear to the next; horns that bay and honk blindly; pedals that split, distort and provide all manner of come-to-bed ear-fucking diversions. Saxes, harmonicas, and even flutes combine to make this a crackling, noisy old listen, and it’ll sound absolutely fine in the car tomorrow morning.

And if I hadn’t already been completely sold on it, their self-penned description as “inner-city Kosmische skronk” pretty much charmed the knickers off my credit card.

There’s quite a nice little interview with the pair, here, if you like this sort of thing (I can see the Hawkwind comparisons, but I’m profoundly uncomfortable about the mention of Yes – fortunately, I can’t see many Yes fans sticking with it for long…), (There’s also a better but older interview here which contains the cracking quote I’ve used above…) but to be honest, watch them “live” in proper 2021 style – it’ll speak volumes – there are quite a bunch of whole shows on YouTube.

Pull up a tea chest… (“A Whole New Jupiter” comes in at around 14:00):

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