I Want an Immediate Lift

I realise this Blog is beginning to look as if it’s going the way of many others, but believe me, it’s been a bit rough at work over the last few weeks.

Audiostars UK

Anyway, finally, here we are again with some new music. Apologies to you all. Actually, the bloke I really own an apology to is Jon. Jon writes and produces his own music under the name Audiostars UK, and I rather like it. The reason I owe Jon an apology is that I contacted him over a month ago to ask if I could post some of his tracks on this esteemed organ. And, well, you can guess the rest. What makes it kind of worse is that Jon actually hails from this great city, and you’d of thought I’d’ve pulled my finger out, wouldn’t you?

Audiostars is apparently a bit of a hobby for the man, and he says in his e-mail, “I’ve been doing it for over 20 years and my enthusiasm has only got stronger!”

Good man (and now I feel worse…)

The tracks that are up on his Myspace page are a mixture of dub and d’n’b-type samples, which really works. I’m guessing that some NME hack has already coined the phrase “thrashdub”, but if not, well here we are, The First Wave of British Thrashdub (Copywrite, Partly Porpoise, 2006).

The three tracks I’m posting here sound great, to my ears, and a bit of a change from the banjo-toting, Small Faces-loving bands that normally hang around these pages.

Immediate Lift

Before Dawn

So Far

Cheers, Jon!

(And did I say sorry?)