The moon is on its back tonight…

Green Man ’10 – Lone Wolf

Life’s a muddy Tupperware container of constant surprises eh?

This was always going to be the last whole set from Green Man I was going to post (I sense attentions are wandering…), and I had it pencilled in to be the Beirut one. I’d been looking forward to seeing Zac Condon’s team ever since they were announced (in fact I bought my ticket for Green Man ’07 on the strength of Beirut’s – eventually cancelled – appearance). Celebrations in the Porpoise household when the ’10 line up was announced…

It was a pretty good set too, but unfortunately my recording isn’t that great, full of pops and whooshes (it was throwing it down at the time) and the details of a conversation the two idiots in front of me continued throughout the evening (hanging’s too good…). Not to worry. As part of The Boy’s A level celebrations, we have two tickets to Beirut’s only other English concert this summer…

Lone Wolf

One of the other bands I was very much looking forward to seeing, however, was Bella Union’s Lone Wolf (already talked about them, here). I love their record, The Devil and I, with its beautiful melodies and bitter lyrics; and had been anticipating Sunday’s performance.

When it came to it, however, I was really disappointed. They did the songs from the record plus a bold cover of Scott Walker’s “The Old Man’s Back Again”, but the sound seemed awful – the drums up far too high and the bass/cello cavernous and overbearing. It really didn’t seem to do justice to the crisp melancholy of the record.

But here’s the thing, the recording’s great! I have no idea what was going on in my head – I must’ve had socks in my ears or something – because none of the overpowering bass-ness of the performance (as I remembered it) seemed to come over onto the tape. Go figure…

So here it is, for me a recording of a completely different set from the one I saw. I dunno… go (as they say) figure.

This is War

Buried Beneath the Tiles



Dead River

The Old Man’s Back Again

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

The Devil and I

And while we’re at it, here’s some video I took of “Letters”, again much clearer and crisper than my jaded ears remembered.

My name will remain an unclimbable mountain in life

Am I the only one that can’t get into that John Grant CD that everyone else is mad for?

For anyone else, how about Bella Union stablemate Lone Wolf? I’m really enjoying the new  record, The Devil and I. It’s got some beautiful quick-to-stand-out tracks like “This is War” and “Keep Your Eyes on the Road”; a number of slow burners, and a few songs that I feel have more to offer as I get to know them.

If you look up Lone Wolf on YouTube, you’ll find a kinda fun official video for “Keep Your Eyes on the Road”, which is a tribute to the Sledgehammer video from the eighties. (Won’t post it here though – never liked the original).

But increasingly these days I find that some of the unofficial films are more satisfying. Here’s one put together by someone called Victttory which is really charming, combining the photos of Gregory Crewdson with the cheerful bitterness of “15 Letters”.