Try to appreciate the breeze…

I’ve had a load of tracks knocking around my media player for months now, meaning to post or least bin them. So I’ll do a little spring cleaning and bring a few of the better ones to your attention in the next few days (or weeks).

Bitter Little Cider Apples

Definitely been meaning to do a post on this band for a while now.

Dorset’s Bitter Little Cider Apples are fellow West Country inbreds, and bash out a pretty decent sixties, guitar-driven pop song that made me think of the Joel Gion stuff I posted a few months back. I say that, but the tracks available have a really busy Brit-pop sound to them, which just couldn’t have come out of the Arizona Desert or something. I’m guessing that someone in the band has a pretty comprehensive garage punk and New Wave collection…

According to various reviews of their album, Still, (available here on Emusic or at the Pink Hedgehog site), the Bitter Little Cider Apples are a kind of off shoot of another band I’ve come across called the Lucky Bishops, who do a sort of Psych-y thing and are currently on Camera Obscura.

Unusually these days, these fellers have no web presence at all, and I can only assume this is some sort of deliberate statement from them, which is kinda noble but a little kamikaze, I’d’ve thought. (I say “assume” because there’s just nothing, not even a biog statement on the Pink Hedgehog site). So, um, that’s pretty much it.

I guess it’s a throw away life.

Try to Appreciate – Bitter Little Cider Apples

Strings are Tied – Bitter Little Cider Apples

Playground – Bitter Little Cider Apples

London Lounge – The Lucky Bishops