Yeah, heard a funny thing…

furguson-2A last couple of Spanish treats before my butterfly senses move onto some other pretty flower…

Mujeres are a garage band from Barcelona who also run a record shop in the city, Luchadores, which I believe I stumbled upon last time I was there (fine place too..) They do a great line in all your psych-y garage standards – by now, you know the sort of stuff that gets you a mention on these pages: surf-y guitars, tambourines, wigged out guitar breaks – and have a number of records around (on eMusic, certainly).

Have a look:


The Soft Gems record is a great one, rough-hewn and rugged in all the right places – I’m not quite up to speed on all their other records – there’s a muddled collection of releases and re-releases that I’m confused by – but some of their more recent releases show a slightly disappointing desire to mature a little. I prefer them immature, of course, and at their most infantile they’re a truly monstrous unit.

Watch this live performance at 2012’s Primavera Sound:


This track is called “Salvaje”, which is also the name of a song by Peru’s magnificent Los Saicos. It’s a different track, again from Soft Gems, but Mujeres were actually the band backing Erwin Flores in the Madrid video I posted previously. There’s a good interview with them here in English and whilst writing this, I’ve just noticed that their first demo CD is now available gratis, here, at their Bandcamp page.

What’re you waiting for? The kids are loving it!

The other thing I’m tossing carelessly your way is, I’m afraid, not a video, and may well lose me the scanty readership I already have. I should by rights hate this (I’m sure many will) but try as I might, I just can’t… In fact, it’s not quite the pappy massacre you might be tempted to think it is

I give you the great Chicha Libre…


[There is, btw, a version by Sarah Brightman, if you really want to see poor old Arthur squirm… I’m not giving you a link for it…]

What’s My Name?

Chicha+Libre+chicha_libreI kinda think I should be over all this, by now. Probably need to hear some skinny white guys playing Stooges covers soon…

Chicha Libre

Chicha Libre are a Brooklyn band fronted by a Frenchman , called Olivier Conan, who founded the Barbes label and was the brains (and the curiosity) behind the Roots of Cumbia collections that I’ve been playing to death these weeks.

I’ve just bought their most recent record, Canibalismo, which is a suitably goofy collection of Chicha rhythms, surf / wah-wah guitars and dubby effects. Think of Conan as a French/Peruvian Joe Meek (or maybe just watch this:)

There’s also a terrific interview with Conan, here, which includes a video section as well. It’s well worth a read.

And here’s a live session, at KUTX in Austin: