There is a dream inside this place, it has been waiting all year long.

Some people move slower than others, don’t you find?

I’ve just downloaded the newest of the Emusic Selects records, an album by The Family Band, called Miller Path. Emusic are touting it as a “pitch-black skeletal goth-folk”, which tells you a lot of what you need to know, but for me the most striking thing about the record, gothic and miserable as it is, is the sheer pace of the thing.

It’s slow, sometimes real slow.

Each song trudges along morosely, funereally, you could say, earning its gothic wings with something to spare. There are protracted instrumental pieces between lines and long gaps between tracks that add to the sense of taking some time.

It’s all rather like finding yourself in an awkward conversation with someone who doesn’t really talk a lot, or rather, talks sparingly – there’s little doubt that there’s going to be more to come. There’s a certain fascination in enduring the pauses and waiting for next comment, and at times it’s all you can do to avoid babbling ridiculously to cover the silences. Stop yourself from filling in the gaps, however, and the whole records becomes a rewarding if gloomy experience.

The core of Family Band is husband and wife Kim Krans and Jonny Ollsin who split their time between Brooklyn and a log cabin in the Catskills, all a bit Handsome Family cum Bon Iver, I know, but really nothing like either. And I dunno, but since I read that I find myself looking for city and country-type elements in their music. I fancy I can hear city-style tensions and stress, slipped in alongside the rural pauses.

You can hear the whole record here, and there are a few free downloads available, one from eMusic, which I’ll host here, and two others from The Fader, which I’ll leave you to find for yourself

Fantasy – The Family Band

Then there are a couple of decent videos to be had, including this one: