Off on our hols soon…

Really hoping to catch some music while we’re away, possibly in the street. Which reminds me of this I shot two years ago and still watch regularly:

No apologies for the repost, I’ll be well pleased if I find anything as good as this…

J’ai pas deux coeurs…

I’ve got a few things to post in the next few days, and to be honest, there’s a bit of queue forming…

I have more street recordings from Brittany to upload, and although I fear your attention may be beginning to wonder, I reckon that these ones are probably the best of the lot. In fact this particular set are just great.

These ones are again taken from our trip to Paimpol, and were again recorded literally round the corner from the last lot. It was an embarrassment of riches, I’ll tell you.


We’d actually seen this lot wheeling a real collection of idiosyncratic instruments and… well… boxes through the cobbles of the town, and thought they looked fun. We were fortunate enough to catch them later, and they didn’t disappoint…

I’ve watched this so many times now I’ve lost all sense of perspective on it, but I hope it does convey the effortless sense of fun and cool that surrounded their performance.

Fatras are from Rennes and get their name from the French word for a jumble or hotchpotch. Hopefully, you’ve watched the video and can see why I got so excited about seeing them – in fact at one point in my recordings you can hear me frantically telling Michael to go and get some money off his mother so that I could buy the CD. I loved the brass section, the drummer banging on a box and the general collection of cries, cheers and claps from everyone. Best thing I’ve seen in ages.

As I’ve said, I managed to make a few recordings, of which these three are the best. The first track is Coquin D’Hiver, the one they sing in the video, but I’ve no idea what the names of the other two are, as they are not on the album. As you’ve come to expect, each recording is marred slightly by an endearing collection of fumbles and mumbles, but remember “street flavour”…

Coquin D’Hiver


Unknown Song

On a eu peur

Well, we’re back from Brittany and feeling suitably relaxed and refreshed. It’s been great actually, just what we needed – prolonged stretches of serious inactivity, during which large amounts of bread, fish, cheese and dry Breton cider were consumed. All very pleasant.

But I haven’t been entirely idol, I’ve come across some pretty wild and wonderful music, which was a bit of a surprise as I’ve never been particularly impressed with the French music I’ve come across before. I’ve bought some CDs, made a few recordings on my new (secondhand, picked up on eBay just before we left) iRiver, and even made a few video recordings on a “borrowed” camcorder. Indeed, I’ve had a lot of fun playing at Andy Kershaw (I’m talking about making recordings “in the field”, you understand, nothing to do with restraining orders…)


Last Sunday afternoon found Josie, Michael and myself at a beautiful chateau called Roche Jagu, sitting in the sunshine, drinking the obligatory cider, watching a very strange hip hop act called Raggalendo, from Goudelin in Brittany. I can’t remember a band ticking quite so many wrong boxes (quite so enthusiastically). For starters they were all-white and all-female, and as well as that they rapped in French and Breton. Top stuff! Oh, and they did their whole set in traditional Breton costume. Outstanding…

My French isn’t good enough to pick out much of what they were singing about, although Josie swears they did a song about Petit Folous which may well be true but I kinda hope it isn’t. There was certainly a huge element of fun about the gig, but they weren’t the sort of novelty act that this maybe makes them sound. To me they sounded a lot like the Beastie Boys or even Deeelite, but their Myspace sites Iggy Pop and Jimi Hendrix as well. They even managed to work in some traditional Breton dance. It was all terrific fun.

I’ve found this video on Youtube, which I’m afraid takes a while to get going (skip on to about 1:25) but is “L’Alcoolocataire” the song they jumped into the audience and finished their set with…

I made a few recordings which aren’t quite as good as I hoped; you’ll have to excuse the sound of the wind on the mic and the occasional fumblings of a cack-handed recorder… The first track is called Peur de Peur, but I’m afraid I can’t work out the title of the second one, so I’m calling it Arret.

Peur de Peur


I should probably point out that without the wise council and restraining influences of my friends I not only went off and bought the CD (a weakness I think I’ve admitted to on these pages before) but went the whole hog and bought the T-Shirt.

I’m not apologizing.