Nothing will be fine, put your hand in mine

Here’s a band that Rough Trade are plugging like mad at the moment, and I’m imagining you’ll be reading about them on lots of blogs in the next few months. (In fact, the more vigilant Blogs have probably been there and done that already – I don’t like to look…)

Forest Fire

Forest Fire have just released their debut album, Survival, and are another American band embarrassing the Brits by making original and varied music that differs from track to track. There are a few dense and compelling rhythms, a few delicate, inventive guitar lines and more than a little studio tinkering – everything a jaded and slightly cynical pallet might want in fact.

I’m struggling to find much info on the band other than the fact that members seem to live in different parts of the States – Brooklyn and Portland, to be precise. Now from what I know about the States, this is A Very Long Way Away – an impossibly long distance for a Brit to comprehend in fact.

I can’t imagine how this works for them, but I read on the site of one of the labels that handles them (Talitres) that this effectively means that the sessions for the album stretched over a good few months and that songs sat untouched, gathering dust for weeks. I kind of like this image of songs being worked on in fits and starts, sporadically. It does feel like some of the tracks grew over the weeks and developed into something they may not have started off as. It’s all got a rather endearing ragged feel to it.

Survival has been out for a while in America, but is coming out in the UK, today (Oh yes…). It’s available from Emusic, Talitres or from Catbird Records.

In my meanderings, I found these two tracks available for free download, but I can’t for the life of my find exactly where (my apologies to you, whoever you are), but here they are, and well worth a listen…

I Make Windows

Fortune Teller