Thought of thinking, but all I thought of was you…

I was wandering around in the maze that is Myspace this afternoon (which btw seems to be becoming actually more difficult to use. None of the search filters seem to be working any more – good work fellers!), and I found myself back on the Fuzzface page and noticed that there are two new downloads there. I’m hurt you never told me fellers! Pretty good tracks they are though…

The Autumnal

Sunday Morning

Fuzzface’s first single, “The Relegation Song”, is also out now and is available from Shifty Disco as a download. If you were cool enough to latch onto Fuzzface when I first mentioned them on here, you’d notice that this track was actually available for free on their Myspace page for a while, but for the princely some of 99p you can own it officially now.

Good band, give them your support, I say…

Dear Mr Fantasy, play us a tune, something to make us all happy


Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted, life has been intruding on what I’d rather be doing. I have kept digging around though, and found some good stuff that was certainly new to me, and I reckon I should be able to do quite a few posts over the Easter holidays.

The first band I’ve got here is Fuzzface from Colchester. Great name and a really great noise!

There is apparently a “bit of a scene” (as they say) in Colchester at the moment, and this lot are at the front of the line. As soon as you hear this, you’ll instantly think of a few bands Fuzzface are drawing on pretty heavily (I won’t spoil the fun), but that’s fine as far as I’m concerned. If you go to their website, there’s quite a noble list trotted out, all of whom should be mainstays of any healthy CD (or, perhaps, Vinyl) collection.

And it must be a pretty decent record collection they have there, as Fuzzface make a genuinely BIG r’n’b sound, a bit like Ocean Colour Scene used to do, (though they may well be pretty fed up of smart ass critics adding another band to the list…). Terrific “sloppy” guitar word, great vocal performances and that distinctive Hammond Organ sound make you wonder why there aren’t more bands doing this. If it sounds great, who cares whether it’s original? (That’s not meant as a dig, boys, I love the sound…)

I’ve linked to the two tracks that are available at their website, but to be honest I actually prefer the ones on their Myspace page. Bearing in mind a couple of comments about the unreliability of the place that I’ve had recently, though, I’ve gone for the website ones. Download these tracks, and then go on to Myspace which has four other downloads well worth getting.

Mr Fantasy (Live)

Like John Patton Said

Mine’s a large one!