Split Second Tricks of the Launch Ramp

So, anyway, I was trawling through the Emperor Jones site for the Double U tracks that I wrote about last week, when I got diverted to the site of another label who also release material by the Double U, Geoff Soule’s Supermegacorporation.

Geoff Soule

Geoff Soule is the drummer for the Double U, but seems to have a horse’s tail of other strings to his bow. He runs Supermegacorporation, and uses it to put it out music by a number of bands, most of whom he actually seems to play with. I’ve made that sound like he uses the label as some sort of vanity project, but really it’s more a statement of the bewildering amount of project and side-projects he seems to be involved with.

“Geoff Soule is the Chief Executive Officer of Supermegacorporation and noisemaker in recording and or live scenarios with Fuck, STAFF, Tara Jane Oneil, The Double U, The Naysayer, Elizabeth Venable, Sad Horse, Freedom Eagle and probably some other stuff that he can’t think of right now..” (Indeed, I got an email from Alex of the Double U who said that he was currently in Japan at the moment and then off on tour. A busy man obviously.)

He’s also got a number of releases under his own name, including one album that got a 7.9 from Pitchfork and a book of haiku, “one for each of the first ten perilous levels of the 1982 video arcade game Mr. Do!” OK…

Anyway, the Supermegacorporation site has a number of good tracks to listen to including some more by the Double U, so I thought I’d post a few of them here, and then direct you to the site itself where there are a whole load of other tracks in their archives which are worth investigating.

The first track is from Soule’s first band, the expressively named Fuck, which is by now a good ten years old, but still pretty interesting:

Wrongly Wrong – Fuck

The next track is from a former member of Fuck, Pablo Wong, and appears to have been made completely using Garageband on the Mac – but don’t let that put you off, it’s delightfully goofy stuff!

Oompah Beatpah – Yo Herve

And the third track is from Soule’s own 2007 album, which available is here and is also rather charming. (There are other Geoff Soule downloads available on the same page…)

San Diego Winter – Geoff Soule