You know you know the answer

Have had this teed up for some time now, but couldn’t get round to teasing out some appropriately elegant prose to accompany it… Aw hell, here it is anyway.


Within minutes of getting our tent up at Green Man, my son and I took a look at the very first band on, the unpromisingly named Gilbert. At the time I remember thinking they were pretty good, but, hold on, I thought, it’s early days, you’re just getting over-excited. So I took one recording, to check my levels as much as anything, and moved on, generally keeping my powder dry.

Well, anyway, back at home, school started again and summer well and truly over, I went through all the bits and bobs of recordings, and found that whilst the Fridge and Battles recordings were really ropey (the performances weren’t all that either), this recording by Gilbert is surprisingly listenable.

Gilbert is a chap from East London I believe, who creates these kind of washes of sound that lay you back nicely, and punctuates them with David Byrne-esq monologues over the top of them. It’s all rather pleasant, and at times jolly good fun. Onstage he beefs himself up with a number of other musicians and generally creates a good time.

I’ve got the recording here, which is kind of OK, although, all these recordings are not as good as I originally thought they were (I re-listened to some of the Broken Family Band set , this morning, and it’s pretty bucket-y. I’ll get better at this…); but really I’d get along to their Myspace, which unfortunately doesn’t have any downloads but lets you stream four tracks, including the wonderful “Self Help for the English”


Animal Vegetable Mineral

Now bugger off and let me watch the rugby…