Witness the jittery winking starlight…

I’m dutifully posting music for you, as this is a music blog (of sorts) but I have to tell you my mind is elsewhere.

(Gloucester won the European Challenge Cup yesterday afternoon after 100 minutes of nerve-wracking rugby, what a match! In my mind, I’m shouting myself hoarse as James Forrester scores the winning try, with a piece of amazing skill of which no other no. 8 in England could even have dreamed – still not apparently good enough to tour with England, mind…. Sportsdesk.)


All of which is not really fair on today’s selection – Goldmundo from Lancaster, who is a cracking guitarist who reminds me not a little of Davey Graham. Goldmundo is actually one person, Richard James Turner, though, reading through his profile on Myspace, I’m not convinced it is only one person. He seems to have a fair number of other projects on the go, and if I’ve read it right appears to be a member of at least three other bands. And somehow finds time to post a few tracks of his own on Myspace.

I haven’t had a chance to investigate any of his other projects (if you want to steal a march on me, he lists a whole number of other bands he’s working with on his Myspace page), but if they’re as good as the tracks I’m going to post here, you’ll be hearing some more, I reckon.

The first track, here, I was convinced I had already heard, but is apparently an original by the man himself. I’m not meaning to say that it sounded like a copy, or anything, rather that it just sounded like such a languid, accomplished number that it felt like an old friend. I was actually convinced it was a Kevin Ayers song!

The second track is the one that sounds a fair bit like Davey Graham to me, a right little whirlwind.

The Moon’s A Balloon

Do What You Please

Can’t think this’ll be the last time I write about this feller…