Nothing’s gonna change my love for you…

Just a little sweep up of the last of my Green Man recordings…

Richard James, leading his band Pen Pastwyn through a few songs played as a backdrop to some “experimental” video montages:

The wonderful Darwin Deez, putting a smile on everyone’s face, with their between song dance routines:

And the incomparable Gentleman’s Dub Club – a bit rowdie (and therefore wobbly), this one:

And then, I have a few miscellaneous Green Man recordings that I’ve put together into a Green Man Lucky Seven:

[something wild] – Islet

Ghost Train – Summer Camp

La Ritournelle – The Balearic Folk Orchestra (ft. Lou Rhodes)

High Grade – Gentleman’s Dub Club

Breathe – An Horse

A Beggar’s Land – Coco’s Lovers

Dead Disco Dancer – O Children

That’s it –  I don’t think the world needs any more Green Man stuff.

I thank you…