A Comforting Deathly Silence Will Accompany You Now

Ridiculously pleased to get a text from Al asking me if I fancied a trip to the Shush Club last Thursday to see Family Machine. I think this is now the fourth time I’ve seen Oxford’s shambling country rockers, but such is the dry spell that we’re having at the moment, I jumped, nay leapt, at the chance.

The Shush Club was a new one on me, but it turns out to be another acoustic evening running sporadically at Monty’s in Cheltenham, organised by a feller called Vince Freeman, who gigs around the area and has recently won some sort of award for his songs.

To be honest, I wasn’t all that impressed with Monty’s, not really my sort of bar and the sound was pretty poor, but hey, it was free! Family Machine were pretty good, although forced to cut their set a little short, and were a pretty friendly bunch to chat to beforehand.

Little Lost David

Probably the best part of the evening though was a set by Sheffield duo Little Lost David. Yeah, it took me a while to see past the name (surely the worst, I’ve heard in a long time…), but actually they were pretty damn good. Made up of a guitarist, David J Roch and drummer, Chris Basford, their songs were gothic, compelling affairs with Roch making excellent use of some haunting falsettos. They really grew on me.

I tried to record a couple of numbers, with only limited success, (my Zen Plus, being still not really upto the job), and I was going to post them here because I couldn’t find any other downloads, but somehow stumbled across these on Last.fm. (I didn’t realize they did downloads…). They’re far better than my recordings and well worth a listen.

Waltz for Elliott

Cutie Pie

I think Al was also quite taken by the pair, and who knows maybe we’ll see them in Gloucester?