In different worlds but under the same stars

D’you know I am beginning to feel like a real Blogger, with proper, you know, contacts and that.

Last week after my Treecreeper post, the kind people at Rough Trade were good enough to send me a copy “Grain” the band’s newly released album, which, it turns out is a really good album, and well worth shelling out for (from here).

The band also mention on their Myspace blog that Rough Trade have included a Treecreeper track in their best of 2006 compilation, which all in all seems like a good reason to post another track:


Morning Bride

And then, on Wednesday, I got an email from Gav, at Letterbox Records, letting me know that they have a number of new downloads available. As a dedicated punter over the years firmly on the buyer’s side of the fence, I get an enormous kick out of anything that looks like a freebie, so these two developments have rather cheered me as I go through the normal winter onslaught of colds and flus.

Anyway, having had a listen to some of the good music that Letterbox have, I was particularly struck by Morning Bride, a five piece from Hackney who produce rather deft country-tinged pop songs and have an album recorded and due for release in March. They also have a “very, very pretty” website with a lot of content, particularly a journal which is well worth a read.

I rather like the idea that Brits can play traditional American music well enough to get noticed in the States themselves, (and not just because it gives me the opportunity to try and fashion another Coals-to-Newcastle type joke, just narrowly averted). It is apparently the case, however, as once again that sharp dude at Songs: Illinois has picked up on this lot earlier than everyone else – how we hate him!

I won’t host the Morning Bride track myself, but you can pick it up here at the Letterbox records site with artwork.

I would.