You come from up country, I can tell ‘cause you wear your shirt, collar, hat in a different way

I’ve got a few things to write about over the next few days – this month’s Emusic haul has been fruitful…

The Radar Brothers

The Radar Brothers are from LA, do not appear to involve any brothers at all (crazy, huh?) and are chiefly the vehicle of guitarist Jim Putnam. They have a strong alt country feel to them, all smoky vocals, slow punchy guitars and sweet harmonies. It’s no surprise to me to learn that they’ve just finished supporting Teenage Fanclub on their American tour – they could be some sort of rhythm buddies in truth.

Now, I’m not usually first person onto a new band (and not this time either), but even by my standards, I’m pretty slow on the uptake here. This years’ LP Illustrated Garden is actually their sixth one, the first having been released fourteen years ago…  There was some sort of hiatus and regrouping, which you can read about here on the Merge site (You can also get three mp3s there from older records…).

Reading some of the criticism of the new record over the months, a regular theme seems to be that all the songs sound the same. I’m not fussed about that at all – far too many artists feel they’ve got to “evolve” and forget what it was that they did well in the first place.

I’m quite looking forward to working backwards through this catalogue…