Do this for me one last time, I promise I will keep my clothes on, never ask you again

Oh Lord.

I feel like some sort of elaborate but cruel time trick has been played on me (probably involving Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd). I refuse to believe it’s been almost a month since I last post.


I’ve not been idle in this time though, readers, (well, clearly I have, but…) a lot of music has been listened to and slow progress has been made on a side project I shall be talking about another time.

Probably the best album I’ve bought recently is this one by a Montreal band called Valleys.


This lot do a rather nice line in dreamy, Americana-styled pop which is rather more-ish. Lots of pedal effects and languid banjo-esque stringèd instruments, the sort of things that carry my heart away with much too much ease. But there’s also keening vocals and lyrics that I find quite touching.

Signed to Semprini Records, they have an album out which is about a year old, called Sometimes Water Kills People, and I believe there’s an EP out in the next few weeks which I shall be looking out for.

There’s not a lot out there to give you on Valleys, a few not really legal mp3s and (incredibly) just about nothing on YouTube (some sort of record), so I’m going to put up a track originally hosted by now-defunct blog Hero Hill, called “Heavy Dreamer” and my favourite track off Sometimes Water Kills People, Tan Lines. Heady stuff.

Heavy Dreamer

Tan Lines

Seems a shame there’s not more noise about this band over the airwaves. The randomness of it all…