A little bit of heaven, a little bit of heaven of our own

p02c9r4cAnd once again, it all gets away from me. Green Man gone two weeks ago, End of the Road drawing to an end, Sufjan tonight, Kevin Moreby tomorrow, and I’ve still got a load of GM sets I was hoping to post. Time? Where does it go?


Meant to post this a good week ago, but well, you know. Slug are a Sunderland band I was completely unaware of until I was tipped off about them by a sage old friend in the bar on the Thursday night. An album out at the moment, produced and played on by none other than the Brewis brothers. Say no more.

In the end, when I went to over to the big tent, there was a moment’s disappointment when it became clear at the sound check that neither of the Brewises were about, but this was quickly dispelled when each of the members came on stage dressed in sailor suits apart from band leader Ian Black who was in full concert dress.

Tempting to say that Field Music may not have been there in body but were very much there in spirit, but this does Slug a massive disservice. There was definitely an awkward galumphing presence and rhythm that made me think instantly of Field Music but pretty quickly I’d forgotten this, as there was a whole lot more to enjoy.

Black pranced and postured around good-naturedly and weaved through a really enjoyable set of complex, polished songs that impressed from the start. I recognised (and enjoyed) Greasy Heart from somewhere but the rest was all new to me.

Black’s voice was strong, drifting easily in and out of falsetto regularly, the drumming was interesting and varied, there was a bunch of interesting sounds coming from the keyboard and Black showed himself to be fond of the odd rock-out. I enjoyed it a lot and I’ll get hold of the new record, Ripe, very soon…

Greasy Heart

At Least Show That You Care

Grimacing Mask