Sketch Book Scribble

Things have been getting a bit … main stream around here recently (David Byrne? The Fall?). Time to slip back into obscurity methinks…

Moose Eats Leaf / Steve Fanagan

I googled “Steve Fanagan” and came up with this picture, although I fear it may not actually be our man…

Moose Eats Leaf is Irish guitarist and sound engineer Steve Fanagan, who specialises in a string of brittle, atmospheric releases under various guises (Northstation and Wrecking Ball being another two). He also runs Slow Loris Records based in Dublin, putting out a string of ridiculously obscure CDR releases, in a number of different quirky formats. His most recent CD, “Adrift”, for example, was limited to a run of 50 CDs and featured individually spiro-graphed covers. This I like very much.

The music is a little strange as well, largely consisting of meandering guitar pieces overlaid with various loops and psychedelic effects that make for a compelling listen.

I’m posting these three songs, and can heartily recommend them to you for thoughtful listening, and from there, you can go to the man’s site, where there are a very generous selection of other tracks.

The first track is from “Adrift”, the others from the CDs “Toy Box and “Sketch Book Scribble” respectively

Set Out

They Fall, We Float

Sketch Book Scribble