And every little time I treat you like a whore, I don’t feel nothing ‘cause I’ve seen it before…

I’m getting older and more cynical as I enter Blogging middle age (nearly five years old now). Used to be a time when a free CD plopping boldly on my mat would have had me performing clumsy cartwheels across the tired boards of our kitchen floor.

(Of course these days, CDs don’t plop through letterboxes at all – I suppose the plop as they arrive in your My Music folder is a purely metaphorical one…)

Sun Hotel

Anyway, occasionally, free music does present itself to me, but in these days of wall-to-wall spam I find myself getting a little distrustful when a lengthy and frankly odd comment appears on the Blog by a feller called Tyler from the band Sun Hotel.

See what you think, the comment starts:

First off, i have to tell you this blog brings back strong memories of my high school girlfriend, and for that reason i feel like we know each other well.

Not sure I really want to follow this through, thinks I, but in the end (and this was well over a month ago) I followed the link Tyler gave me and downloaded the band’s record. Well, bugger me, if it’s not actually quite a good record. I’ll let Tyler go on:

We are a Post-Gospel/Swamp Rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana and we will be releasing our new self-recorded and self-released album on September 24th on vinyl, cassette, cd, and digital formats.

I think it’s the phrase “swamp rock” which got me interested, although I confess to being unsure quite what it means. Turns out that the Sun Hotel version of swamp rock is a rather frank, sometimes clumpy Americana which I quite like. Songs like Voodoo You and Oikos trample across you with little regard for your feelings and remind me of someone like Blitzen Trapper. There are some subtle harmonies at play in many of the songs and most of the singing is shared (doubled in fact) by Tyler Scurlock and AlexHertz, which I rather like.

Sun Hotel are indeed from New Orleans itself and the record they wereplugging, Coast, was released in September. After a couple of months deliberating over it (ahem) I can certainly recommend it as a good solution to all your fuzzy country rock needs.

You can stream the whole record from their site, but you could start with this video and a couple of downloads:

Voodoo You

Loose Woman

Apologies to Tyler and his boys…