I’m not thinking of you…

It can’t be a week ago already, can it? But I still have loads of recordings…!

Treefight for Sunlight

(This was an early contender for Best Set of the Weekend, until Suuns came on and stole the show. )

Treefight for Sunlight are a Danish band that I’d never have heard of if it wasn’t for Green Man, and for that I’m extremely grateful. They have a beautiful, eponymous, light and airy album out at the moment which I can recommend to you. It’s full of gorgeous melodies and slightly hippie themes, and is delivered with a freshness that cleanses the palate (a light summer sorbet, if you will…).

I was surprised though quite how easily they managed to reproduce this sound on stage, with a confidence and self-belief that belied the fact that this was apparently far and away their biggest gig to date. Good work, fellers…

I recorded the set, but I’ll admit that the recording, whilst certainly listenable is perhaps not my best – it was quite windy and you can hear that on the mic occasionally. Anyway…

The Universe is a Woman
You and the New World
What Became of You and I
Time Stretcher
Wuthering Heights
Riddles and Rhymes
No One Can Tell You (Not a song I knew – not sure if I’ve got the title right for this one…)
Rain Air
Facing the Sun
They Never Did Know

I also decided to shoot video of one song, and it turned out to be this one…