Bees took the wedding ring from my finger

OK, one more from Camera Obscura and then I guess I should give it a rest for a while. Such a great song though…


Verdure is apparently the side project of a feller called Donovan Quinn, who is part of the more well-known Skygreen Leopards. I’ll confess, however, that I’m not actually up to scratch on the Leopards either, but a brief scout around yields a few freebies on the Internet which sound pretty good.

The Verdure track, however, is quite a different beast. It actually sounds like a darker more awkward version of some of the Flipron stuff I’ve talked about before. He’s clearly doing a rather wheezy Waits-y thing here and it works pretty well to these ears. He starts with a rather ghostly slide guitar and organ combination and finishes on a blistering and obstinately clumsy electric guitar piece. Sandwiched between these rather worn out twin pillars there are some great gothic lines that made me smile.

There is an album out and still available from Camera Obscura, called The Telescope Dream Patterns, which I will try and get hold of.

I’m posting the Camera Obscura track, plus one of the Skygreen Leopard tracks that you can snag from their very worthy site.

Graveyard Porchlight – Verdure

Julianne, Patron of Thieves – Skygreen Leopards

Donovan is actually playing in Bristol next week, along with Little Wings, I wonder if I can get along…