Can’t You See?

For a change, today, I thought I’d post something about a record that I just can’t decide whether I like or not. I blow hot and cold…


Women are a Canadian band of four blokes who have just released their second album, on Flemish Eye records, called Public Strain. And right now, on my headphones, it sounds like a bit of a belter – all spiky alt-punk guitar chords and sparse atmospheric sounds, vocals recorded in the room next door, etc… Problem is over the car stereo (a new and unexpected pleasure for me), it sounds bassy and atonal, hard to penetrate. I’ll let you decide.

You can read more about them here, but I’m guessing the members of Women are Velvet Underground fans and will also have a smattering of Jesus and Mary Chain records in their bedsits. Today’s records? Maybe the Girls record from last year… There’s also a fair amount of drone in there too, meh, sometimes I go for that, sometimes not…

Flemish Eye will allow you to download four tracks, two from each of their records, So I’ll put one of them up here, and let you go over there to pick up the others:

Narrow With the Hall

There’s also this rather fine YouTube clip, recorded in Heidelberg of Women looking very arthouse: