In a House With No Mirrors

Well I don’t know how this has happened, I appear to have been catatonic for a period of weeks.

No posts, no recordings, a whole raft of EotR recordings untouched…

And somehow this post never got written…

Gruff Rhys @ Green Man

I scarcely know what to say, this all seems some time ago now. In fact I’m sure I did actually write a clever and bang on the money review of the last set of the weekend that I think we can all agree would have made this Blog the go-to place for many a discerning reader, but alas, it appears to have never made it to the airwaves. What can I say?

All I’ll say is, great set, national treasure, decent recordings, and we’ll leave it at that, eh?

Gwn Mi Wn


Court of King Arthur

House with No Mirrors

Lonesome Words

Sensations in the Night

If We Were Words (we would rhyme)

Honey All Over

Ni Yw Y Byd

Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru

Shark Ridden Waters


Actually, listening to the recordings again, it all comes rushing back – the euphoria and fatigue of the weekend, the long delay for “technical problems beyond my comprehension”, the good humour of the man, and the knowledge that I’d finally managed to catch a set on disk that I’d conspired to miss on each of the previous three occasions I’d seen him.

Now I must get on with all the other recordings…

Some More Green Man Sets – Holy F***; Bleeding Heart Narrative

I’m not getting on with this as quickly as I’d hoped but here are a couple of new Green Man sets for you…

[Sorry about the asterisks – I’m a bit concerned about the search engine issue]

Holy F***

I’m not what you’d call a die-hard fan of this lot, although there are times when their second album “LP” really hits the spot. So I wasn’t really sure how I was going to find what promised to be a really raucous Saturday night headlining set from Holy F***.

They took a while to warm up, and one point my head was being turned by the Green Man Pub stage, but I’m glad I stayed because it turned into a really good set, absolutely blistering by the end of the hour, the second half of which shot by.

As an old feller, I find myself increasingly bemused by how bands are made up these days. There was a drummer, I’m sure, a good one too, belting the hell out of his kit and providing some grounding to the wild electronic sounds that spun around him. There was a bass player too, but after that I couldn’t tell you quite what the other two blokes were doing, tapping on keyboards, banging different pads and twiddling knobs all over. It was loud all the time and pretty much rabid at times…

I’ve tried but failed to identify a number of the tracks they played, and so I’m having to resort to numbers for some of them (I hate this…), but if anyone recognises tracks, do please give me a yell. Here goes:

Super Inuit




Stay Lit


Red Lights

Royal Gregory

Lovely Allen

The Pulse



I’ve also go another set for you, by an earnest troupe of acoustic dabblers, that I’ve written about before…

Bleeding Heart Narrative

In my fevered mind, I can make a link between Holy F*** and Bleeding Heart Narrative, the latter being a kind acoustic version of the former. If you can imagine a kind of folky krautrock…. Well, try….

They set themselves up with guitars, keyboards, rhythm, cello and violin and ran through a really interesting, occasionally droney set, full of wailing vocals, and sprightly songs. I really enjoyed it (and they were kind enough to send me a set list after the weekend…


HAL Passes the Turing Test

Mysterious Cults / Shoals

The Cartographer

The Jetty


Henry Box Brown